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Mobile messaging has become the best way to engage consumers. With opt-in mobile messaging, you can create and send messages that will directly target your customer base. Your mobile messaging campaigns can include: contests, trivia, limited time promotions and news through text.


Using interactive tools to keep your brand fresh and fun can be easily achieved with SMS trivia, promotions, voting and polls. These real time options allow companies to reach consumers during special events and occasions while collecting relevant data for further analysis.

Targeted Offer Control

Using mobile devices enables you to connect instantly with your customer as opposed to other channels such as email and direct mailing campaigns. The ability to directly target your ideal consumer is a necessary tool in this competitive business world.
Targeted offers allow you to personalize the information that is sent out via SMS, using customer profiles, location and demographics.


Build a new audience with brand related contests. The excitement built around contests and related offers can create a brand buzz, which adds to your opt-in consumers and subscriber base.


Old and new customers appreciate a deal. Use your promotional budgets effectively by way of coupons, freebies and other consumer based offers. These promotions can be monitored to maximize their efficiency.